The Revived Stream in Seoul

(TH) Global Issues


Christine Lee


The Cheongyecheon stream was a centerpiece of Seoul six hundred years ago when a king of the Joseon Dynasty chose Seoul as capital. However after the devastation, poverty, and the industrial era that came after the WWII and the Korean War, the beautiful three mile river was covered up in concrete and replaced with an ugly elevated highway. In 2005 after a very expensive recovery project, the Cheongyecheon stream was revived using manmade pipes that bring clean water from the Han River and restoring natural habitats, including plants, birds, fish, and insects. Now the area around Cheongyecheon is a centerpiece of Seoul again. Offering a relaxing recreation area for the residents of Seoul to rest and spend time having fun in nature.


I thought that this renewal project was very similar to the Highline in west Manhattan. Once an ugly elevated road through result of theā€¦

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